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M&V spol. s r.o. Ltd. Vsetín, the wholesaler of tools, instruments and machines, was founded in 1991 and two years later the firm launched its own business activity. We offer tools and instruments for metal and wood cutting, clamping tools, grinding materials and measuring instruments, including electric hand tools and small machine tools. We dispose of the largest warehouse in the Czech Republic, and we represent more than three hundred manufacturing companies. On these conditions, our firm is operationally able to satisfy the complex requirements of our customers both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and to provide business and engineering services.

The delivered goods are maily of Czech origin. If there is no manufacturer of any items in the Czech Republic, we offer imported goods. We carry on our business activity not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, namely through our subsidiary companies, consignment stocks and direct dealers. M&V spol. s r.o. Vsetín is among the largest trading companies with the above-mentioned range of products, and the firm consolidates its position on the market every year.

In 2005 we opened our new online-shop e-catalogue, where the customers can see current prices of the products with the possibility to make an immediate order.